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Ontologies by SeCo

Ontologies are the basis for creating semantic web applications. As part of SeCo's research projects, the ontologies below have been created either based on existing vocabularies or from scratch.

For ontology services, see ONKI pages.

Subject matter ontologies: the KOKO family

These ontologies have been created manually based on existing Finnish keyword thesauri in use. Numbers indicate the approximate number of concepts in the ontologies in 2014.

Actor ontologies

Place ontologies

Occupation ontologies

Time ontologies

Time ontologies have been created and used in applications.

Event ontologies

Biological ontologies

SeCo is developing and publishing together with the Finnish Museum of Natural History and other partners several ontologies/vocabularies of organisms, such as Birds of the World ontology AVIO and Mammals of the World ontology MAMO.

More information about SeCo biological ontologies.

Other ontologies

In addition, SeCo has created and/or published a variety of additional ontologies in the ONKI Ontology Service by using technical transformations or by just re-publishing existing ontologies.

For SeCo's Linked Data publication service see the "7-star" Linked Data Finland portal. The datasets there include a variety of SKOS and other ontologies.

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