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FindSampo ? Finnish Archaeological Finds on the Semantic Web
19.5.2021 20:00 by eahyvone

FindSampo – Finnish Archaeological Finds on the Semantic Web, a new member in the Sampo series of Linked Open Data services and semantic portals was released on the FindSampo seminar on May 17-18, 2021.

See the news of the Aalto University for more information.

In/Tangible European Heritage: New EU project starting in SeCo
6.8.2020 8:57 by eahyvone

The idea of the new 3-year project is to study how intangible cultural heritage, especially biographical data about historical persons and their lives, can be integrated and enriched with tangible cultural heritage data in museums, archives, and libraries, and how such massively interlinked data can be used in Digital Humanities (DH) research and applications. From a methodological viewpoint, the project develops and integrates language technologies, semantic web technologies, visualizations, network analysis, and artificial intelligence into a new whole, with the aim of developing cross-language, cross-national DH systems with novel features, such as automatic serendipitous knowledge discovery, a kind of computational creativity.

The Finnish partners in the consortium are the University of Helsinki (HELDIG) and Aalto University, building on the previous research in these topics at the Semantic Computing Research Group (SeCo) active at both universities.

HELDIG Facebook posting:

Project homepage at SeCo:

New SeCo papers accepted for ESWC 2020
23.4.2020 8:02 by eahyvone

Five SeCo papers will be presented at the Extended Semantic Web Conference ESWC 2020 and its workshops

Three papers of SeCo were accepted for the ESWC 2020 conference in the posters and demos track:

1. Minna Tamper, Arttu Oksanen, Jouni Tuominen, Aki Hietanen and Eero Hyvönen: Automatic Annotation Service APPI: Named Entity Linking in Legal Domain. Proceedings of ESWC 2020, Posters and Demos, Springer-Verlag, June, 2020. Accepted.

2. Eero Hyvönen, Minna Tamper, Esko Ikkala, Sami Sarsa, Arttu Oksanen, Jouni Tuominen and Aki Hietanen: Publishing and Using Legislation and Case Law as Linked Open Data on the Semantic Web. Proceedings of ESWC 2020, Posters and Demos, Springer-Verlag, June, 2020. Accepted.

3. Heikki Rantala , Esko Ikkala, Ilkka Jokipii, Mikko Koho, Jouni Tuominen and Eero Hyvönen: WarVictimSampo 1914-1922: A Semantic Portal and Linked Data Service for Digital Humanities Research on War History. Proceedings of ESWC 2020, Posters and Demos, Springer-Verlag, June, 2020. Accepted.

In addition, two papers will be presented in the co-located WHiSe 2020 Workshop:

1. Pejam Hassanzadef, Eero Hyvönen and Esko Ikkala: FindSampo Platform for Reporting and Studying Archaeological Finds Using Citizen Science. 3rd Workshop on Humanities in the Semantic Web (WHiSe), CEUR Workshop Proceedings, May, 2020. Accepted.

2. Minna Tamper, Petri Leskinen, Jouni Tuominen and Eero Hyvönen: Modeling and Publishing Finnish Person Names as a Linked Open Data Ontology. 3rd Workshop on Humanities in the Semantic Web (WHiSe), CEUR Workshop Proceedings, May, 2020. Accepted.

Prepints of the papers are available at:


New Sampo portal released: MMM ? Mapping Manuscript Migrations
31.1.2020 12:08 by eahyvone

On Jan 30th, 2020, at the Digging into Data conference in Alexandria, VA, USA, a new semantic portal and data service for pre-modern manuscript data was released:


Dr. Toby Burrows of University of Oxford releasing the MMM portal.

This massive system contains data about some 420 000 manuscript works and 670 000 events related to them in a knowledge graph of over 20 million triples. The portal and its Linked Open Data service was created by SeCo using the Sampo model in collaboration with academics at the University of Oxford, University of Pennsylvania, and Institut de recherche et d?histoire des textes (IRHT) in Paris, based on their manuscript collection databases.

More info available on the project homepage.

Our project is part of the Trans-Atlantic Digging into Data programme 2017-2020, funded by Academy of Finland in Finland.

New doctoral thesis and defense at SeCo by Kasper Apajalahti
17.11.2019 8:54 by eahyvone

Kasper Apajalahti defended his thesis “Contributions to Self-Organizing Networks and Network Measurement Data Management” on November 15, 2019, at the Aalto University. In the image, Kasper is in the middle, opponent prof. Bernhard Bauer of the University of Augsburg on the right, and custos prof. Eero Hyvönen on the left.

NameSampo: yet another semantic sampo portal released
13.2.2019 13:53 by eahyvone

On Feb 1, 2019, ‘NameSampo: A Linked Open Data Infrastructure and Workbench for Toponomastic Research’ was released in an
open seminar in Helsinki. The service at http://nimisampo.fi got 9500 users during the first weekend.

More information about the system is available at the project home page.

BiographySampo released for public use
16.11.2018 21:00 by eahyvone

The next major semantic “Sampo” portal developed by SeCo, “BiographySampo – Finnish Life Stories on the Semantic Web”, was released for public use on Sept 27, 2018, based on 13,100 biographies of the Finnish Literature Society. More info about the system can be found on the project homepage and the service is alive at: http://biografiasampo.fi

New text book about Semantic Web and Linked Data in Finnish
11.4.2018 12:28 by eahyvone

The first text book about Semantic Web and Linked Data in Finnish, based on work and experiences at SeCo, has been published: E. Hyvönen: Semantic Web. Handbook of Linked Open Data (Semanttinen Web. Linkitetyn avoimen datan käsikirja). Gaudeamus, 2018. https://www.gaudeamus.fi/semanttinen-web/

WarSampo Wins the Open Data Prize in the 2017 LODLAM Challenge
4.7.2017 15:52 by eahyvone

The WarSampo team of SeCo was recognized for making cultural heritage material openly available in the linked open data project “WarSampo — Finnish World War 2 on the Semantic Web”:


More info about the project, data service, and applications:


Doctoral Defense in SeCo on Ontology Services
12.6.2017 13:48 by eahyvone

Jouni Tuominen will defend his dissertation “Ontology Services for Knowledge Organization Systems” on 16 June 2017 at 12 noon in Aalto University, lecture hall TU1, Maarintie 8 (former Otaniementie 17), Espoo.


Before the defense, at 10:00, the opponent prof. Marcia Zeng from Kent State University, USA, will give an invited lecture “Smart Data for Digital Humanities”.


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