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Semantic Computing Research Group (SeCo) at Aalto University and University of Helsinki (HELDIG) invites you to join the webinar:

Forging of the Sampo, detail,
A. Gallen-Kallela, 1893, National Gallery
Digital Humanities in Action:
Sampo Model and Portals for Cultural Heritage

Thursday 29.10.2020, 13:00–17:00 (12:00-16:00 CET)
Online webinar (register below to get the Zoom link)

This open and free webinar presents results of joint research at Aalto University and University of Helsinki (HELDIG), Semantic Computing Research Group (SeCo), on building an open national Semantic Web infrastructure with applications for Digital Humanities. In particular, the Sampo model and series of Sampo portals have been created that have had millions of users on the Web. The seminar presents key elements of the infrastructure and tools, and ten latest Sampo portals, five of which are already online, and five under development in ongoing research projects

To get a glimpse on what "Sampos" and the underlying data infrastructure are in practice, have a look at the short videos below:

  1. From Reassembling the Republic of Letters 1500-1800 to LetterSampo
  2. BiographySampo - Artificial Intelligence Reading Biographies for the Semantic Web
  3. AcademySampo – Finnish Academic People 1640-1899
  4. WarSampo – Finnish World War II on the Semantic Web
  5. Building a National Level Linked Open Data Infrastructure for Digital Humanities in Finland

This webinar continues SeCo group's tradition since the symposium "Semantic Web Kick-off in Finland 2001" in organizing open seminars, related to the Semantic Web and Linked Open Data.


The webinar in Zoom has been recorded on video. The whole webinar video is below, and direct links to particular presentations are given in the programme after the presentations:

13:00-13:15 Vision, History, and Realization

  1. Creating the Sampo Model and Sampo Series of Semantic Portals
    Eero Hyvönen, HELDIG and Aalto
    Presentation recording, slides, intro video 1, Sampos video 2

13:15-14:00 Infrastructure and Tools
Chair: Mikko Koho

  1. Linked Open Data Infrastructure for Digital Humanities in Finland (LODI4DH)
    Jouni Tuominen, HELDIG and Aalto
    Presentation recording, slides
  2. Extracting Knowledge from Finnish Texts
    Minna Tamper, HELDIG and Aalto
    Presentation recording, slides
  3. Sampo-UI Framework for Semantic Portal User Interfaces
    Esko Ikkala, Aalto
    Presentation recording, slides

14:00-14:10 Coffee Break

14:10-15:25 Forging Ten New Sampos I
Chair: Jouni Tuominen

  1. BiographySampo – Biographies on the Semantic Web
    Eero Hyvönen, HELDIG and Aalto, and Kirsi Keravuori, Finnish Literature Society (SKS)
    Presentation recording, slides, video
  2. NameSampo – Workbench for Toponomastic Research
    Esko Ikkala, Aalto, and Helinä Uusitalo, Institute for the Languages of Finland (Kotus)
    Presentation recording, slides
  3. WarVictimSampo 1914–1922 – Finnish Civil War on the Semantic Web
    Heikki Rantala, Aalto, and Ilkka Jokipii, National Archives
    Presentation recording, slides
  4. HistorySampo – A Finnish Time Machine
    Heikki Rantala, Aalto
    Presentation recording, slides
  5. AcademySampo – Finnish Academic People 1640–1899
    Petri Leskinen, Aalto
    Presentation recording, slides, video
  6. Short Coffee Break

15:35-16:50 Forging Ten New Sampos II
Chair: Eero Hyvönen

  1. FindSampo – Archaeological Finds of Metal Detectorists
    Mikko Koho, HELDIG and Aalto, and Ville Rohiola, Finnish Heritage Agency
    Presentation recording, slides
  2. LawSampo – Finnish Legislation and Case Law on the Semantic Web
    Minna Tamper, HELDIG and Aalto, and Aki Hietanen, Ministry of Justice
    Presentation recording, slides
  3. ParliamentSampo – Finnish Parliament on the Semantic Web
    Jouni Tuominen, HELDIG and Aalto, and Päivikki Karhula, Parliament of Finland
    Presentation recording, slides
  4. Mapping Manuscript Migrations
    Mikko Koho, HELDIG and Aalto, and Toby Burrows, University of Oxford
    Presentation recording, slides
  5. LetterSampo – Historical Letters on the Semantic Web
    Petri Leskinen, Aalto
    Presentation recording, slides, video

16:50-17:00 Discussion and Conclusions


The webinar is open and free for everyone to join. Register using the form below to get your Zoom link for the webinar:

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