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Sampo Model and Series of Semantic Portals

This page presents the ”Sampo” model and series of Linked Open Data services and semantic portals, based on a 1) collaborative business model for publishing distributed heterogeneous contents, 2) a Semantic Web ontology and data infrastructure for making the contents semantically interoperable, 3) a model based on faceted search and data-analysis for solving research problems, and 4) the Sampo-UI framefork for creating user interfaces easily.

Sampo portals, such as CultureSampo, BookSampo, WarSampo, BiographySampo, NameSampo, and WarVictimSampo 1914–1922, have had millions of end users on the Web in total, suggesting feasibility and sustainability of the approach developed.

New Sampos Underway

At the moment several new Sampos are being developed. For example, FindSampo is a system targeted for archaeologists and citizen science metal detectorists using the collections of the Finnish Heritage Agency, including collaborations with the British Museum and the pan-European AriadnePlus project. LawSampo publishes Finnish legislation and case law on the Semantic Web in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice. The ParliamentSampo system is being developed in collaboration with the Parliament of Finland. Our goal is to publish Finnish parliamentary discussions and related data in an intelligent web service for researchers of political culture and the general public.

Paradigm Shift of Semantic Portals

The Sampo model and portals aim at making a paradigm change in publishing and using cultural heritage content on the Web. The contents are not only published as Linked Data but also integrated seamlessly with intelligent tools for data analysis. In our vision, AI should not only help the user in solving research problems, but also in finding new ones using Creative AI methods. We also focus on white box Explainable AI, which is important in humanities research.

In Douglas Adam’s novel “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, the computer was asked “What is the meaning of life”. The answer “42” may be right, but a researcher in humanities would also like to know “why”.

Sampo Portal Series

The Sampo series of semantic portals is listed below.

Table: Published and forth-coming semantic portals that have been implemented using the Sampo model (information updated 04/2020)

Portal URL Year Domain Unique users Knowledge graph triple count or size Faceted search engine User interface framework Primary data owner
Internal portals
1. MuseumFinland museosuomi.fi 2004 Museum collections 34 000 210 986 OntoViews Apache Cocoon National Museum of Finland
2. CultureSampo kulttuurisampo.fi 2008 GLAM collections 89 000 11 400 000 Custom Tapestry Over 20 Finnish Memory Organizations
3. HealthFinland - 2008 Health information Unknown 6 000 documents Custom Tapestry Finnish institute for health and welfare
4. TravelSampo - 2011 Cultural travel Unknown 17 000 000 places Custom Drupal and jQuery Several Finnish Memory Organizations
5. WarSampo sotasampo.fi/en 2015 Military history 655 000 14 322 426 SPARQL Faceter AngularJS National Archives of Finland
6. BiographySampo biografiasampo.fi 2018 Biographies 29000 5 373 496 SPARQL Faceter AngularJS Finnish Literature Society
7. NameSampo nimisampo.fi 2019 Place names 35 000 241 068 456 Sampo-UI Institute for the Languages of Finland
8. WarVictimSampo
sotasurmat.narc.fi 2019 Military history 21 000 9 815 265 Sampo-UI National Archives of Finland
9. Mapping Manuscript Migrations mapping­manuscript­migrations.org 2020 Pre-modern manuscripts 2 200 22 472 633 Sampo-UI Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies, Bodleian Libraries, and Institut de recherche et d’histoire des textes
10. LetterSampo - 2020 Early Modern Letters 1500-1800 (Republic of Letters) TBA TBA Sampo-UI University of Oxford and archives several countries
11. LawSampo - 2020? Law TBA TBA Sampo-UI Ministry of Justice, Finland
12. AcademySampo - 2020? Finnish Academic People 1640–1899 TBA TBA Sampo-UI University of Helsinki, Finland
13. HistorySampo - 2020? Historical events TBA TBA Sampo-UI Agricola Network of Historians
14. FindSampo - 2021? Archaeology TBA TBA Sampo-UI Finnish Heritage Agency
15. ParliamentSampo - 2022? Parliamentary data TBA TBA Sampo-UI Parliament of Finland
External portals
17. BookSampo kirjasampo.fi 2011 Finnish fiction literature 1 211 640 in 2019 8 313 263 None Drupal Finnish public library consortium
Norske stadnamn toponymi.­spraksam­lingane.no 2019 Place names Unknown 217 353 538 Sampo-UI Norwegian Mapping Authority
Staff portal - 2019 Human resources Unknown Unknown Sampo-UI Lingsoft Ltd.

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LetterSampo- Republic of Letters 1500-1800 on the Semantic Web

LetterSampo from SeCo Research Group on Vimeo.

BiographySampo - Artificial Intelligence Reading Biographies for the Semantic Web

BiographySampo - Finnish Biographies on the Semantic Web from SeCo Research Group on Vimeo.

WarSampo - World War II on the Semantic Web

WarSampo: Finnish World War II on the Semantic Web from SeCo Research Group on Vimeo.

Building a National Level Linked Open Data Infrastructure for Digital Humanities in Finland

Building a National Level Linked Open Data Infrastructure for Digital Humanities in Finland from Eero_Hyvonen on Vimeo.


Professor Eero Hyvönen
Aalto University and University of Helsinki (HELDIG)
first.last [ at ] aalto.fi

Publications about the Sampo Model and Sampo Series as a Whole

Publications of each particular Sampo portal are available on their repspective homepages listed in the above table.


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