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User-interface of Orava

Orava is a semantic web portal which is based on content from Klaffi-portal. Klaffi is a portal by Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE and contains roughly 2000 educational video and audio clips. Portal and it's content are in finnish.

in Finnish:

Orava tarjoaa semanttisen käyttöliittymän Ylen Klaffi-portaalin aineistoon. Aineisto koostuu parista tuhannesta opetusohjelmien video- ja äänileikkeleestä. Semanttisuus ilmenee helppokäyttöisessä moninäkymähaussa ja kohteiden suosittelulinkeistä.

Orava-demoOrava Demo



Teppo Känsälä and Eero Hyvönen: A Semantic View-based Portal Utilizing Learning Object Metadata. August, 2006. 1st Asian Semantic Web Conference (ASWC2006), Semantic Web Applications and Tools Workshop. bib pdf ps
Eetu Mäkelä: View-Based Search Interfaces for the Semantic Web. MSc Thesis, University of Helsinki, June, 2006. bib pdf
This thesis explores the possibilities of using the view-based search paradigm to create intelligent search interfaces on the Semantic Web. After surveying several current semantic search techniques, the view-based search paradigm is explained, and argued to fit in a valuable niche in the field. To test the argument, OntoViews, a semantic view-based search portal creation tool was designed and implemented, and eight portals with five vastly different user interfaces were built using it. Based on the results of these experiments, this thesis argues that the paradigm, particularly as implemented in the OntoViews tool provides a strong, extensible and flexible base on which to built semantic search applications. The particular problems faced in applying view-based search for semantic interfaces are noted, along with explanations on how they were solved in the OntoViews architecture. Finally, directions and ideas for future research are presented for both the paradigm and the implementation architecture, respectively.

Contact person:

Teppo Känsälä
Helsinki University of Technology, Laboratory of Media Technology
teppo . kansala [at] tkk.fi

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