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SWeHG: Semantic Web HTML Generator


SWeHG is a "poor man's" publication tool for the Semantic Web. By SWeHG it is possible to generate a semantically linked and conceptually indexed static HTML page site from an RDF(S) repository.


The following article explains the system in some detail:

Eero Hyvönen, Arttu Valo, Kim Viljanen and Markus Holi: Publishing Semantic Web Content as Semantically Linked HTML Pages. Proceedings of XML Finland 2003, Kuopio, Finland, October 30-31, 2003. bib pdf


We created a static web site of the collections of the Espoo City Museum (Espoon kaupunginmuseo). The RDF(S) content of the demo site comes from the semantic portal MuseumFinland.

Contact Person

Prof. Eero Hyvönen

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